Pawan Seth became a pharmaceutical and medical business entrepreneur, spending decades working on drug development research and formulation development of pharmaceutical drug products in Europe and then in the United States.

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Pawan Seth is a pioneer in cellular therapies. One of the companies founded by Dr. Pawan Seth is sponsoring a study to find a treatment for patients with advanced Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD) and Critical Limb Ischemia (CLI). Lifecells

Pharma PASS, a leading pharmacueitcal company was once headed by its principal owner, Dr. Pawan Seth who is a highly prolific developer of controlled release technologies and has been a long-standing developmental partner of Biovail.

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A complete list of patents can be found at: PatentGenius-Pawan Seth 

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Extended Release

Many of the patents applied for by Dr. Pawan Seth were for extended release.  

Novel Ideas

Pharmaceutical compositions containing hydrophobic practically water-insoluble drugs adsorbed on pharmaceutical excipients as carrier

Pawan Seth

Dr. Pawan Seth, a drug formulation scientist and former president of a pharmaceutical technology development company called Pharma Pass, developed the omeprazole formulation and the process for making it that was ultimately transferred and assigned to KUDCo.
Pawan Seth has had substantial hands-on experience in developing various drug formulations and has worked on approximately eighty different products throughout his career. See more at